October 6, 2016 admin



The journey to our 2nd leg of our #IGNITEEurope tour was a rather interesting one. We switched things up with regards to our mode of transportation from Amsterdam to Berlin. Instead of flying, we decided to utilize their efficient train system. This was one of the best decisions we could have made.


From the lush pastoral scenery between stations, controversial conversations, and dramatic searches by German police, this created the perfect backdrop for bonding and getting to know more about one another. We arrived at the Berlin Train station just before 9pm, made the necessary missions to get to our accommodation, and without wasting any time we began to #IGNITEBerlin.


We roamed the streets of Berlin until the early hours of the morning, exploring and familiarizing ourselves with our next environment. The rules were different, and we weren’t complaining. Individuals could now roam the streets with their respective social lubricants, but these same streets, where recreational social engagements were taking place, where to become a map of treasures waiting to be discovered the following day.



This juxtaposition of the long standing history, and the innovative, modern spaces give Berlin an incomparable personality and unparalleled character. Its walls are covered in graffiti, whilst monuments and museums give this German city heart.




The Berlin Braves hosted us for moderately paced run combined with an intense core training session lead by Dilim. We ran through the city, and up the hill, where we were welcomed by some breathe-taking city views. After the training session, we ran back to their clubhouse and then went out for burgers and beverages at their favorite burger spot.

Our final day in Berlin was made up of visits to the best burger spot in the city, some serious shopping and ended off with massive night out at an underground nightclub, to say the absolute least (because what happens on tour stays on tour or ends up on our website or instagram page)

To think a city that was once strictly separated between east and west, is now a beacon of symbiosis is quite inspiring and a lesson to many.